34th International Geological Congress

The 34th International Geological Congress is being held in Brisbane from the 5th to the 10th of August 2012.  Two sessions of particular interest are those being organised by ACMS Committee members John Keeling and Rob Fitzpatrick.  John is coordinating the "Clays and clay minerals: geology, properties and uses" symposia and Rob is coordinating the "Forensic geoscience" symposia.

The international journal Applied Clay Science has approved a proposal to publish a thematic issue developed around papers from presentations at the 34th IGC symposium.  The issue will be entitled "Clays and clay minerals: geology, properties and uses".  The aim will be to present new research on clays, techniques and uses that provide a snapshot of latest developments in clay research and applications across a range of scientific disciplines and industry.

Details on the Clays and Clay Minerals Symposium and the Applied Clay Science thematic issue can be found in the accompanying PDF file (click here to view the PDF).

Full details of the IGC can be found at http://www.34igc.org